Philip Marcus
Professor of Fluid Mechanics
-Major Field Advisor for Fluid Dynamics, Department of Mechanical Engineering
-Head Advisor, UC Berkeley Graduate Program in Applied Science and Technology

Post-Doctoral and Research Associates

Chung-Hsiang Jiang
Chung-Hsiang specializes in using spectral and spectral element methods, parallel programming, MPI, and perturbation methods.

Graduate Students

Sahuck Oh
Works on modeling artificial photosynthesis and simulating bubble flows using spherical harmonics.
Meng Wang
Meng works on extracting velocity fields of the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn from satellite images. He also studies critical layers, stability, transport and vortices in stratified and unstratified Taylor-Couette flow.
Mani Mahdinia
Stratified Resonance Instability, Critical Layers, Merging infinitely sustained 3D vortices.
Chiyu "Max" Jiang
Nelson Chen
-Second year PhD student.
-Interested in CFD, and morphing technology.
Andrew Sanville
-Second year PhD student.
-Interested in applications of numerics and computers to solving large scale problems, from those in data science to those in CFD

Undergraduate Students

Harrison Bachrach

Former Undergraduates 

Caleb Levy
Caleb is the site master/designer for CFD Lab group's website. He also studies the stability of oceanic and planetary vortices, and works with Aaron on internal gravity waves.
Aaron Wienkers
Aaron works on internal and inertial gravity waves in protoplanetary accretion disks and studies critical layers as well as numerical methods.
Jega Vigneshwaran
Jega builds programs CAD files to CFD data, and focuses on refinements of coarse meshes for increased simulation resolution.

Former Graduates

Pedram Hassanzadeh
Studies 3D vortices in geophysical and astrophysical flows, rotating stratified flows, high performance computing, theoretical and applied fluid dynamics.
Suyang Pei
Works on late-stage star formation and early-stage planetesimal formation via vortices and waves in protoplanetary accretion disks around protostars.

Laurette Tuckerman, MIT, 1984
Samir Bouaoudia, UC Berkeley, 1990
Katie Coughlin, Harvard University, 1990
Robert Van Buskirk, Harvard University, 1991
Changhoon Lee, UC Berkeley, 1993
Tatsuhito Matsushima, UC Berkeley, 1995
Seogcheol Kim, UC Berkeley, 1996
Darrell Kidani, UC Berkeley, 1997
Tom Humphreys, UC Berkeley, 2000
Ashraf Youssef, UC Berkeley, 2000
Tonushree Kundu, UC Berkeley, 2001
Joseph Barranco, UC Berkeley, 2004
Xylar Asay-Davis, UC Berkeley, 2008
Sushil Shetty, UC Berkeley, 2008