Updated Research Areas


Zombie Instability in Stars and Planets

Global Circulation

Longevity of Great Red Spot

Robustness of Ocean Vortices

Optimal Shape Design by Morphing

Physics, Applied Math, and Experimental Predictions of Instabilities in Rotating Stratified Turbulence

Semi-Analytic Numerical Algorithms for Stiff Initial Value Equations

Robust and Deterministic Algorithm for Root Finding and Optimization

Data Driven Shape Design

(Currently Under Construction)

Current Research Areas


Star and Planet Formation in Protoplanetary (Keplerian) Disks

3D Vortices in Rotating, Stratified Flows in the Lab, Ocean, Planetary Atmospheres and Protoplanetary Disks

Internal/Inertial Gravity Waves in Rotating, Stratified Flows

Atmospheric Dynamics of the Giant Planets (Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, Red Oval, Zonal Winds, Climate)

Velocity Extraction of the Jovian Winds (Zonal Flows and Vortices)

Zonal Winds of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

3D Morphing for Optimal Design and in Animation and CGI

Past Research Areas

Couette-Taylor Flows

Computational Methods for 3D Flows and for 2D Contour Dynamics

Convection in Stars

Fundamental Fluid Dynamics

Aircraft Wake Vortices