Chung-Hsiang Jiang

 Hometown: Taipei city, Taiwan

Undergraduate Education: Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University (


Research interests:

Chung-Hsiang specializes in the field of computational fluid dynamics using spectral and spectral element methods, parallel programming, MPI, and perturbation methods. He studies inertial and internal gravity waves and critical layers in the ocean and protoplanetary disks, and wakes of high speed trains. He has performed numerical simulation of the creation and maintenance Jupiter’s zonal wind flows using inverse energy transport (examining size scales from small to large in to develop a complete theory of how both atmospheric wind speed and the spacing between adjacent jet streams varies with latitude.

He has also analyzed latitudinal temperature variation of the Jovian atmosphere, particularly by constructing radiative-convective models to explain Jupiter’s nearly isothermal temperature profile (i.e. understanding why it isn’t cold at the poles and hot at the equator). He has found that this is partly explained Jupiter’s large vortices which are very efficient at heat transport. He writes programs using Fortran 90/95, C and C++.