Aaron Wienkers

Email: Aaron.Wienkers @ berkeley.edu

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Research: Aaron is a Senior undergraduate in pursuit of a Mechanical Engineering degree with a concentration in Fluid Dynamics. Interested in really large scale flows, and awestruck by the beauty of Astrophysics, Aaron indulges himself in interdisciplinary Astronomy courses.

In Berkeley’s CFD Lab, he is currently studying internal gravity wave energy propagation through various stratified and shearing media. Understanding the behavior of these waves is important in understanding the structure of vortex lattices found near Baroclinic critical layers.

He will soon be joining a group at Lawrence Livermore National Lab meshing magnetohydrodynamic simulations of protostellar core collapse with protoplanetary disk simulations from the CFD Lab.

Outside of research and courses, Aaron is an amateur Astronomer and enjoys piloting small aircraft. He plays tennis and recreational soccer.