Andrew Sanville


My name is Andrew Sanville. I have a background in Applied Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I dabbled in molecular dynamics, which models the motion individual molecules in a material. I have since joined the Computational Fluid Dynamics group at Berkeley, where I work on longevity simulations of the Great Red Spot. I enjoy using computational tools to solve problems. I like working with systems that lie at the intersection of computer science, physics, and mathematics, where I am free to explore any of those topics to approach a problem from a new angle.

In my free time, I like to go backpacking. In fact, in August 2017 I successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro (see picture) with my family. The year before, we spent a week hiking around the Canadian Rockies.

I also enjoy cooking, snowboarding, and have a couple of pet programming projects that I do on the side. I have been told that I make a pretty awesome dark chocolate soufflé.


  • Longevity simulations of the Great Red Spot of Jupiter examining the link between the background stratification and thermodynamic state and the equilibrium established by the storm

Teaching (GSI)

  • E7 – Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers, i.e. introduction to MatLab and how to program.