Caleb Levy


Contact Information: Caleb Levy

Email: caleb.levy @

Location: (Summertime): 6116 Etcheverry Hall

Caleb is a sophomore undergraduate intending to major in physics and/or astrophysics (or possibly mathematics). Interested in doing more than sitting around for the summer, he asked Professor Marcus if there was anything for him to work on in the CFD Lab group. As it turns out they needed to update their website, and you are looking at the end result. Caleb has since become well acquainted with the WordPress community forums and the art of making WordPress work while avoiding the use of PHP whenever possible. However, when not occupied with the task of website creation he is busy learning about spectral and psuedospectral techniques for solving the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations for periodic and aperiodic boundary conditions to achieve exponentially faster rates of convergence than those attained using finite-difference methods.

Please note that from the months of late August to early May most people will know Caleb by his other persona: an undergraduate at Berkeley. But that doesn’t stop him from living in the world of the CFD Lab.

Publications/Matlab Code: Because he is still only a sophomore, Caleb has not yet published a fancy paper in prestigious journals such as Nature and the likes. However, he felt that not having some links to his work below his profile would not look as cool as everyone else’s page, so he has posted a link to his Flickr page instead:

He hopes you enjoy the pics.