Suyang Pei

I am currently a Ph.D. student in Department of Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley. I am from Beijing, China. I completed my undergraduate studies at TsingHua University and received my Masters studying at Peking University.

My major is Fluid Mechanics. Currently, I am working on vortices and waves in the Protoplanetary Disk using numerical simulations. The Protoplanetary Disk is a fluid system with strong rotation, stratification and shear, which favors vortices and internal waves. With the results from highly resolved numerical simulations, we could better understand the physics such as how vortices generate in the disk, what is the structure of a 3D equilibrium vortex, can we get energy out from the shear, etc.

My research interests also include geophysical flows, internal waves in the ocean, stability, turbulence and its modeling.