Sangjoon (Joon) Lee


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I am a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering with a designated emphasis in Computational and Data Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley, advised by Dr. Philip Marcus. My research topics are mainly in the areas of Fluid Mechanics and Computational Science. I have accumulated my own research experiences in large eddy simulations, immersed boundary methods, conjugate heat transfer analyses, experimental flow measurements (e.g. magnetic resonance velocimetry), vortex instabilities, aero-/hydrodynamic optimizations and relevant engineering problems.

Before joining UC Berkeley, I received my Bachelor's degrees in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (BS) and Business Administration (BBA) from Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea.

I am familiar with several programming languages, including Python, Fortran, C, and MATLAB, and often utilize them for research projects. As a tiny entertainment, I have performed several web design projects with various frameworks (e.g. Python Flask, PHP, jQuery).

Please visit my personal site if you want to find more information.