Chiyu “Max” Jiang

My name is Chiyu, and I go by ‘Max’. I am currently a PhD student in UC Berkeley. My research interest is in data driven aerodynamic shape design. Related fields I work in include Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Computer Vision) and Scientific Computing (Computational Fluid Dynamics). My current research advisor is Professor Philip Marcus.

I came from a diverse personal as well as academic background. I was born in China, but I grew up living in several countries, namely China, Germany and Singapore, and I completed my undergraduate studies in Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in the United States. I obtained two undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering and one minor in Applied Mathematics, but I had profound undergraduate research experiences in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

My hobbies include playing musical instruments (several), photography, travel, and thinking about crazy scientific/entrepreneurial ideas.

Current Research Topics:

  • Exhaustive root-finding algorithm, deterministic global optimization algorithm.
  • Applications of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) in fluid dynamics simulations.
  • Data driven aerodynamic shape design.

Past Projects in this Lab:

  • 3D shape morphingANN_trainsDevelopment of C++ code for 3 dimensional feature based morphing of disc-like meshes. Development of Matlab code for 3 dimensional feature based morphing of genus-zero shapes.
  • Data modeling using Artificial Neural Network (ANN): CFD based drag simulation data modeling using Artificial Neural Network


  • Morph between two heads: 
  • Morph horse to cow: